Black and White Characters 1


Eondeog Mun- Our fictional Kingdom , which is based on the Joseon era, but may not be exactly like it. (I wasn’t there!  Lol…) It used to have world acclaimed influence and wealth, but became a regular ok kingdom, after what happened 150 years ago.

Jang Tae Jun- Age 22. Former Crown Prince, and banished Grand Prince of Eondeog Mun. Was banished from the Palace, after the death of his mother, the Queen. Seems like an idiot to most. Secretly very strong and intelligent. Has a tendency to be in the right place at the right time, so always knows things he shouldn’t.

Sang Yoo Jin- Age 57. Antagonist. Prime Minister of Eondeog Mun. Had something to do with the events 150 years ago, in his past life. Currently trying to take over the kingdom. (After all, bad guys always want to take over the world!)

Jang Tae Yong- Age 53. The King. Loved by his people. Banished his own son from the Palace at an early age. Always in a silent battle of wits with the Prime Minister.

Kim Da Yeong/Kim Do Young- Age 17, almost 18. Our odd heroine. Usually always in a yungbok, she acts as a young man, her father’s aide called Do Young. Good swordmanship, but has a tendency to be careless.

Kim Dae Hyeon- Age 53. Da Yeong’s father and the retired Head of Military. Good and trusted friend of the King. Both studied under the same master, and Dae Hyeon currently trains the King’s guards.

Lee Ju Won- Age 22. Da Yeong’s Hyeong (older brother), and guide. Was adopted into the Kim household at an early age after losing his brother. Secretly starts to love Da Yeong. Excellent swordsman.

Choi Chun Hwa- Age 22. Tae Jun’s close friend, who seems to understand him. Like the Grand Prince, seems like an idiot, but is very clever.  Was the best Scholar in his day. Impulsively adventurous.

Min So Yeon- Age 24. Tae Jun’s trusted aide. Gives him advice and is more of a friend, though he won’t admit it.

Joo Chung Jae- Age 30. Prime Minister’s trusted aide. Has something to do with the events 150 years ago.

Jang Tae Min- Age 28. Current Crown Prince of Eondeog Mun. Born of a concubine, he wasn’t entitled to rule, while Tae Jun was in the Palace. Became Crown Prince after he left, obviously. Hates Tae Jun and constantly tries to kill him. Engaged to the Prime Minister’s daughter.

Sang Hye Su- Age 19. Sang Yoo Jin’s daughter. Has had her eyes on the throne from an early age. Used to chase Tae Jun around till he got banished.

Sigan- The King’s pet eagle, secretly used to send messages between him and Kim Dae Hyeon.


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