The Sun and Moon (A Position’s Importance)

(Not completely based on science) (And I’m a lady, so don’t think I’m insulting women or something…. This could go either way, but a female sun and male moon is just weird to me, personally)

The Sun was Glorious, bright, resplendent, colourful even. Long golden hair, with blue eyes like the day sky. He shone majestically over the earth and the other planets, in his golden robes which reached far into the galaxy. He wasn’t the biggest star in the universe, but he was content. He was the biggest star in his own skies. And so, on he shone, bringing day light and warmth to all things.

The Sun’s soul mate was of course, the Moon. The Moon was chillingly beautiful. Everything about her was silver, blue and lovely, with long black hair dotted with stars. She calmed the Sun’s fire and cooled the earth.

However, the Moon was discontent. ‘Who says I should not be the biggest star in this universe?’ She constantly asked. ‘Where is it written that the Sun must be there, and I must be here?’ She became extremely gloomy.

Her gloom was felt from the Sun was too close to the earth. It rained a lot, and the seas were turbulent. There was a full moon every night, as she refused to be eclipsed by the sun. And so werewolves suffered torments, sailors feared venturing out, and generally, everything was amiss.

The Sun was concerned. He reached out to the Moon. ‘How long will this go on? How long will you throw this tantrum?!” He asked.

“Until I am master of the skies. The very center.” She replied simply, continuing in her gloom.

He tried to cajole.

She completely ignored.

And so it went on.

Days turned into months.

The Moon did not relent.

But the Sun did.

“Let us switch places.” He told her. “Cease your tantrum and take my place.”

And so it was done.

The Moon took the Sun’s place and became bigger, and the Sun took the Moon’s place and became smaller.
Barely anytime had passed, however, when things began to change. The tides did not rise and fall, as the moon had become too far for her workings.

Day became night and night became day.

The Sun, too close to the earth, scorched the lands.

The rain fell less.

Plants grew less.

Water flowed less.

The Moon and Sun’s forces were reversed, so natural disasters abounded.

Worst of all, the orbit of the planets had become erratic.

Gradually, the earth began to die…..

And it did, along with the other planets.

The Sun, disheartened, vanished without a trace.

With nothing to rule over, the Moon sat in complete solitude, in her bigger and better position. Revolving in utter regret and the memory of all she had lost.

~This story applies to many of our lives. We are where we are for a reason and to serve a purpose. Don’t blindly covet another person’s position….it comes with responsibility!


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