Black and White Ch. 50

Chapter Fifty- Leaving


The Central Palace, Gwang Guk…

The Grand Priest stood before the King, bowing slightly, still refusing to bow fully.

“Jeonha, things will be a little different this time. To begin with, I believe the being behind the fifth gate has become stronger, and so the deities are weaker.” He paced before the King.

“The four hills, which you have set men to watch, remain unoccupied so far. This must mean the deities have chosen to remain with their families. The fact that they have not forgotten their past must mean they are more like humans this time. They have weaknesses.”

“It would appear so. Don’t you think we should give them a warning? Send men to Lord Choi’s household first.”

“Ye, Jeonha.” Seong Su Min smiled. Even in this life, he had been possessed by the shadow again…


Lord Choi’s household, Nam Guk…

The deities found themselves back in Chun Hwa’s room, each of them in a different frame of mind.

There was a very long silence.

Da Yeong and Hye Yeon had tears in their eyes…

Hye Yeon had a look of disbelief, while Da Yeong had a determined look on her face.

Tae Jun was a cross between disbelief, resignation and dark anger.

Chun Hwa felt these things as well, but for once, he chose to break the uncomfortable silence.

He turned to Tae Jun in shock.

“Wah! So someone rigid like you could pull smooth moves on Lady Hayan?!”

Tae Jun shot him an intimidating look, but Hye Yeon had started giggling through her tears.

Da Yeong had turned a shade of red that was now familiar to them.

“Ahem.” Tae Jun shut the book. “We should focus on what is important here-.”

Chun Hwa grabbed his hand.

“Ha! You mean instead of focusing on your secret forbidden love? ‘O-ra-beo-‘?”

“I don’t want to be called that by you!” Tae Jun wrenched his hand away and hit him with the book, then faced them seriously.

“No single person here wants to leave the lives we have lived, but knowing Sang Yoo Jin, he will try to use our families against us.” 

“Ye.” Chun Hwa had become serious again. “We should all return to our places first.” He added. “I suspect Sang Yoo Jin will be watching the hills. The effect won’t be immediate, but when his men report to him, he will assume we have forgotten our families.”

“Lord Paran is really the deity of knowledge.” Da Yeong said. “We should also tell our families to act like they have forgotten us, but there is one problem.”

“Lord Choi is in the Capital.” Tae Jun finished and they all turned to face Chun Hwa.

Tae Jun stood up. “You should go at once. We don’t know what Sang Yoo Jin is planning, but he will certainly fix his eyes on Lord Choi-.”

Chun Hwa had vanished.


The Hidden temple, Nam Guk…

Kim Dae Hyeon was staring murderously at Joo Chung Jae.

He hadn’t been Da Yeong’s father in that life, still the thought of anyone plunging a sword into her, or anyone who looked like her, made him seriously want to eliminate-!

“Dae Hyeon-ah. He is here because he is repenting…” Jang Tae Yong interrupted his thoughts.

He knew what his friend was feeling, especially now, when Jang-, Sang Yoo Jin was making the same moves again.

“Continue.” He said to Chung Jae, who had fallen silent.

Chung Jae had felt the murderous intent from Lord Kim, but rather than scare him, he felt he deserved it…

“It was when we returned from the White mountain that we realized why Lady Hayan allowed herself to be killed. Jeonha was dead and his son covered the secret.” He finished.


“Where are these ceremonial weapons now?” Jang Tae Yong asked him.

“The weapons were seized when we returned… I haven’t seen them since then. They might be with Sang Daegam. He would have searched the Palace for them at the nearest opportunity.”

“That is fine.” He said after a while. “Now that you have told us everything. I have a use for you.”

Chung Jae’s head jerked up in surprise, then he bowed his head back.

Jang Tae Yong continued.

“I see that this surprises you. Did you come here to die. If you commit a great wrong, you should spend your life atoning, shouldn’t you?”

“What atonement?” A quiet voice said from the door.

It was Tae Jun.

In the time it took Chung Jae to turn around, Tae Jun had reached him already, placing a sword to his throat.

“Tae Jun-ah!”

“Jeosonghamnida, Appa Mama. This person, whose hands have stabbed that woman twice-. This fellow does not deserve to live. Joo Chung Jae, I believe I warned you not to cross my path again?”

“What do you mean by ‘twice’?” Lord Kim asked, and Tae Jun answered.

“It was Joo Chung Jae that entered my compound and stabbed Da Yeong in the Capital.”

“What?!” Lord Kim had arisen.

“ENOUGH!” Jang Tae Yong had risen as well, and the two of them turned to him in surprise.

He looked at them, deliberately intimidating.

He turned to Tae Jun.

“Put that sword away this instant! Rather than kill the person, be rational and point his sword against Sang Yoo Jin.”

Reluctantly, Tae Jun put the sword away.

“You always manage to escape death, and your father pays for your crimes.” Tae Jun gave an evil smirk.

“Ye. Even in this life. I suddenly pity the Silent Monk…” He walked away from Chung Jae’s defeated expression.

Jang Tae Yong and Kim Dae Hyeon studied him curiously as he performed the full bow.

“Greetings Appa Mama.”

“This fellow. Are you going to say you won’t step up as the Black Deity again?”

“Anibnida. We have all decided to step into our roles as deities, however…” He paused here, and Jang Tae Yong stared intently at his son.

“However?” He asked after a lengthy silence.

Jang Tae Yong had a good idea what he was going to hear and it broke his heart, but he needed to hear it.

“Appa Mama-.” He took a deep breath. “Ani. This is the last time I am appearing before Taesangwang Jeonha like this.” He turned to Lord Kim. “Kim Daegam. I will also not be appearing before you.”

A long silence followed, Tae Jun bowing his head to avoid looking at his father.

Jang Tae Yong had turned his attention to the cup before him, clearing his throat.

Tae Jun stood up and bent into a half bow before his father.

“Thank you for taking care of me up till now. Appa Mam-. Taesangwang Jeonha should forget my existence.” He straightened and turned away, leaving them both behind in the temple.

“Tch! Again with this?” He muttered to himself, wiping furiously at his left cheek.

He was cleaning another rebellious tear that had slid down his face.


Inside the temple, Jang Tae Yong grabbed the bowl, flinging it hard against the wall.

Kim Dae Hyeon stepped toward him.

“Jeonha! Are you alright?” He asked worried. “It must be hard, but Jeonha must be strong.” Jang Tae Yong looked at him him, his expression slightly surprised.

“I must have done good in my past life to have a friend like you.”


“You are worried about me, but your daughter will soon tell you the same thing.”

“Ah, that is something I subconsciously prepared for, even though I never wanted to accept it. Unlike Jeonha, who only found out recently, I have known my daughter’s identity from birth.

“Our parting will be difficult, but I’m grateful for all the years she was my child. Most importantly, I am grateful I didn’t forget her…”


Lord Kim’s residence…

The separation was as difficult as Kim Dae Hyeon expected it to be.

Da Yeong had returned home to find her father absent, but she sat patiently, waiting for him to return. The very picture of a perfect, mature lady…

Until later that night.


Earlier that evening, Kim Dae Hyeon had returned to see Da Yeong waiting to welcome him.

“Welcome back from your outing, Abeoji.” She bowed, greeting him.

“Ah, Ye. Thank you.” He replied, a little taken aback.

Between training, her missions with Ju Won and the fact that she was naturally improper, it was rare to meet her welcoming him.

He placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry my child. The thing that you want to say, Abeoji already knows it. I was with Jeonha when Daegun-. Ahem. I understood everything.” She bowed her head.

“Ye, Abeoji. Please do not worry about me. I-.” She choked. “Ahem, I’m all grown up now, so I will be fine.”

“Ne. You also should not worry about your Abeoji. You know I’m very capable, right?” She nodded and he continued.

“When do you have to leave?”

“Tomorrow.” He drew in a deep breath at the answer.

“That is very soon…” He placed his second hand on her other shoulder, looking at her squarely.

“Abeoji is proud of you. You are really mature now.” Actually, he was wondering why she was so mature… He pushed the thought away. “My capable daughter. Make sure you are safe, understand?”

“Ye, Abeoji.” She bowed, and he released her shoulders, heading inside.

Was this actually his daughter?

Letting things go so easily? She wasn’t the type at all.

She really wasn’t.


True to Kim Dae Hyeon’s expectation, Da Yeong woke the whole household up in the middle of the night.

“Omo, this world!” She wailed loudly, sitting in front of her father’s chambers. “Abeoji~~!!! Uri Abeoji!!! I don’t want to go anywhere! I won’t!”

Of course she knew she had to leave, but that didn’t mean she had to be happy about it.

Eun Song and the other household servants hovered around her, confused.

They didn’t know what was happening, didn’t know she had to leave, so they kept trying to calm her down.

“Agashi! No one is asking you to go anywhere!” Eun Song said, trying to help her up.

“Ye. Please calm down, Agashi…”

Inside, Kim Dae Hyeon managed a smile through his heartbreak.

Till the very end, this person will never change…

He stood up and went outside, sliding the door open loudly.

“Ah gabjagi!” She exclaimed in surprise, then resumed her loud crying.

The servants had bowed respectfully.

“Stop it now!” He yelled, but she only increased her crying.

He sighed, gesturing to the servants.

“Go back now. Leave us.” They quietly bowed and left.

He stared down at her, then he stepped down to sit beside her. She hugged him suddenly.


“I know, I know. ‘Omo, this world! I don’t want to leave!’” He mimicked. “Tsk tsk tsk! After pretending to be mature earlier.” He was patting her hair in comfort.

“Don’t worry, my beautiful daughter. Abeoji is always here whenever you want to return.”

“That’s a promise, right? Abeoji must absolutely be safe here!” She said through her sobs.

“Aigoo, this child. Ye, Abeoji will be here.” He continued to console her till she stopped crying.

“Abeoji and the household must pretend they don’t remember me.”

“Ye. You must also be careful. Jeonha, Pal Wol and I, will take care of things from here.”


“Don’t worry about such things.” A long silence passed, then…

“Abeoji, thank you for being my father.” She said quietly.

“Aigoo, Abeoji is also thankful that you are my child.” She remained with him for a while, then she left.

Kim Dae Hyeon watched her, shaking his head.

“I feel sorry for that person already.” He said to himself.

He knew she was going to disturb Ju Won as well…


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