Black and White Ch. 52

Chapter Fifty Two- Chin Suh’s Memories

Tae Jun stared at the vision before him, in disbelief. He walked round him curiously.

“What are you doing here? Is this a dream? I don’t remember sleeping. Are you a vision? What dark magic is this?”

“Ask one thing at a time, Ima. And why are you asking with that kind of expressionless face?”

“Ah! I see. You must be a dream.” Tae Jun turned away and put his finger to his chin, considering the situation thoughtfully. “Maybe I slept off somewhere.”

“Ya! Listen when someone is talking to you!” Chin Suh was suddenly holding the sword.

Tae Jun turned slowly, looking down at the evil looking blade.

He hated being threatened by anyone, especially not in his own home.

A logical voice in his head pointed out that this had been Chin Suh’s home first, and that it was unlikely that Chin Suh was actually threatening him, but with everything that had happened, he was suddenly feeling immature.

He ignored the voice and stepped forward in mock fear, openly challenging Chin Suh.

“Wah! The first Black Deity is threatening me. Am I supposed to fight a heavenly being?” Tae Jun feigned a fearful shudder, then smirked.

“Oh, Mianhamnida. You were cast out of the Heavens because of a woman.”

Chin Suh frowned slightly, gripping the sword hilt tighter, but then he smiled almost immediately.

“Hmm, ye.” He stepped closer as well, leaning forward to whisper.

“But, the reason I was finally able to come out, was because you did something similar.” His smile widened at Tae Jun’s own frown. “I should thank you, the first Black Deity to actually turn into a demon.”

The two men stared at each other, frowning in annoyance.

A long silence followed, before Chin Suh dropped the sword, stepping away.

“I’m not here to fight with you. I came because you touched the blade.”

Tae Jun leaned against the table. “Do you come out whenever someone touches the blade?”

“Not just anyone. It has to be someone that carries my spirit. The Black Deity.”

“So you have appeared to the Black Deity before? How come I have no memories of you?”

“Didn’t you hear me earlier? You’re the first Black Deity to do something similar to what I did. The previous Black deities never touched this blade because the ‘ceremonial weapons’ where the property of the King, and they never interfered.” He picked the sword again.

“Your interference brought this to you. You saved the young Prince, Jang Seung Jae, and he gave this to you. Thanks to your action, I could come out.”

Tae Jun scoffed.

“So, I interfered and got an evil blade. We lost everything back then and got a ceremonial weapon we can’t exactly use, and an old man that has been hiding inside it.” He ignored Chin Suh’s angry look. “I will ask you again. Why exactly are you here?”

“I failed to defeat my enemy in the past so we are all paying the price. Me and every deity that has ever lived. I came to end everything.”

Tae Jun scoffed.

He was doubtful, but he couldn’t help the feeling of hope that surged through him.

Could everything really be ended?

Could they return to their normal lives? 

“Tch! You came to end everything? How will you do that?” Tae Jun asked. “Are you going to the fifth gate? Will you fight him head-on again? Right now, we can’t even approach the Palace.”

“I told you to ask one thing at a time.” He was suddenly right in front of Tae Jun, who leaned away in shock, but wasn’t fast enough.

Chin Suh shoved him full in the chest, and he found himself falling, but he never hit the ground…

For the third time in his life, Tae Jun was flung into the past.


The White mountain..

Da Yeong sat with Hye Yeon, stringing flowers outside the house.

Even with their playful personalities, both of them sat quietly, occasionally reaching over to pick a new blossom, and occasionally watching the heavy snow that fell.

“Eonni- ah! Da Yeong-ah.” Hye Yeon corrected herself. “Being here takes you back in time, right?”

“Ah, ye.” Da Yeong sighed, then suddenly tossed down the incomplete string in her hand. “I don’t like it here anymore.” She stood up and Hye Yeon followed.

“Da Yeong-ah.”

“I hate it! For the first time, I find this place…. so cold.” Tears slid down her face, freezing immediately.

Hye Yeon put an arm around her shoulder.

“In the past, I was the most comfortable here, but now… I can’t stand it!”

“I understand, I understand.” Hye Yeon comforted her. “It was too cruel for us to come back as deities. And we still have our memories of-.” She broke off, remembering her own family and Min So Yeon.

She sat down, dragging Da Yeong with her.

“Eonn- Da Yeong-ah. Do we have to live as deities? Can’t we just go to the Palace, kill Sang Yoo Jin and continue our lives?”

“Ani. In the past, Seong Su Min set up a barrier that could block us. They would be even more cautious now.”

“What do we do? I don’t even feel as strong as in the past.”

“I don’t think we should give up. Will you listen to me?” Chun Hwa had appeared silently. He turned to their surprised faces, bowing slightly to Da Yeong.

“Lord Paran!” Da Yeong addressed, and they both stood again, grabbing their skirts and meeting him midway. “Where is your father?” He smiled.

“I should have known you would ask that first. You’re slowly falling back into your role, even though you’re unhappy.” He took in their sad faces.

“Aigoo… Even Chorok is like this.” He joked, patting the top of her head.

“Ya! Don’t call me Chorok!” She ducked away and he turned to face Da Yeong, who was shaking her head at the spectacle.

“My father is at my home. I had to tell him everything before I left. He didn’t believe it at first, but-.” He frowned a little, looking away. “After a while, that old man said he wasn’t surprised at all.”

His father had actually said…

“Ah, it makes sense now. All you wanted to do was study. You didn’t know one end of the sword from the other.”


“I understand, I understand. Hmm, ye. Go and save the Kingdom using knowledge…”

Chun Hwa shook the thought away.

“Anyway, he is safe, but more importantly. I have an idea to help defeat Sang Yoo Jin.”

Hye Yeon grabbed his arm suddenly.

“Wah! How? How? Tell us right now!” He put a finger to her forehead and pushed her away.

“Aigoo, always so immature. Lady Hayan. We have to approach in the most unexpected way.”

“What do you mean?”

“We have to attack as humans.”


The Past, Chin Suh’s memories…

Bright sunlight filtered through Tae Jun’s eyes, forcing him awake. He sat up slowly, looking at the strange landscape.

His eyes fixed on a cave at once, recognizing it from his first trip to the past.

Almost as if to reassure him, Han Joo Hae appeared and he watched her enter the cave with the blessed lantern. He approached, knowing by now that she wouldn’t see him.

Then something unexpected happened. Suddenly, he found himself in the cave, tied down to the wooden post.

He had become Chin Suh.



“I am Chin Suh, a heavenly being. I will be saved someday…” Chin Suh had recited this to himself for years now…

It kept the madness and despair away.

He had been careless! Too cocky…

He had completely underestimated humans, and he was paying for it!

He had lost all sense of time, but he knew unbelievable years had passed.

He would welcome death, but he couldn’t die…


Chin Suh was on the verge of losing all hope and going crazy, when he saw the light.

Then he heard the footsteps.

A girl.

A frightened girl.

His mind sought out her presence, latching on to it firmly.

“Help me…” He managed to get out in his tired state.

She fled in fear, and he thought all was lost.

But no.

She came back. A bright light in the deep darkness his life had become.

She never knew just how much she meant to him.



Years had passed.

Chin Suh had defeated Hwang Chul, the first deity.

He had been cast out of the Heavens and punished.

Hwang Chul’s powers had been shared to four deities, including him.

The Kingdom of Eondoeg Mun was happy.

But he wasn’t happy…

Couldn’t be.

Because of him, three people, including Han Joo Hae, who had lives and families, had been cast into an unbelievable loneliness.

Making people happy, but drying away in isolation.

And for what? To watch over Hwang Chul for eternity?

Would innocent people continue to suffer for the Kingdom’s own laziness?

He would not mind being the only one to suffer, but now others suffered for his mistake.

Because of him, Joo Hae was going to be alone on an icy mountain for her whole life.

He couldn’t forgive himself.

She couldn’t remember him, so he couldn’t even ask her forgiveness…


For a few years, he lived in a different kind of torment. Then he did something he had not done since his banishment from the Heavens.

He prayed.

Chin Suh went in disguise to the newly built Nam Guk temple for almost fifteen years, before his prayers were answered.

That night, Chin Suh had been praying with the beads and performing a thousand full bows, when the temple candles flickered and died.

Suddenly, there were swords at his throat… swords held by soldiers clad in beautiful gold and white robes.

Chin Suh heard the swish of a fan opening, and all the candles flickered alive.

A row of immaculately beautiful soldiers were lined up before him, all leading up to a dark veil.

Behind it, hidden from his sight, was the Lord of the Heavens.


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